Team Spirit Certification

An Invitation To Become A Certified Team Spirit Facilitator/Consultant:

The four-day Team Spirit Certification is designed for internal and external organization consultants and team leaders.

Through the Team Spirit Certification you develop the awareness and skills needed to facilitate spirited, high performing teams. The Certification consists of the two-day Team Spirit Workshop and two days and three evenings of Facilitator/Consultant Training.

You become fully competent to deliver Team Spirit in a variety of workshop formats for your client’s teams or teams in your organization, and you learn how to effectively use the Team Spirit Diagnostic to promote high performing teams. You become familiar with exercises tailored to each of the phases of the model that foster movement through the Team Spirit Spiral, allowing discovery of the team’s unique spirit.

Choose to enroll in the Teams Spirit Certification and experience the satisfaction and pleasure of being a Team Spirit Facilitator/Consultant.