Widely endorsed and recommended, Team Spirit has been successfully used by national organizations such as AT&T, Lexis/Nexis, The American Red Cross, NCR, General Motors, and the United Way. It is endorsed by the New Leaders Press in San Francisco, the Center for Servant Leadership in Indianapolis, and Creative Learning Technologies in Boise, and is highly recommended by managers and consultants in the Organization Development and Human Resource Management fields.

“We used Team Spirit to turn a diverse group of twelve individuals into a high performing team in a very short period of time. The visioning, initiation and claiming phases helped us to quickly get clarity around our mission, establish group norms and responsibilities. Team Spirit improved the productivity and effectiveness of our team immensely.”

-Stan Sword, Client Partner, AT&T Solutions

“After experiencing Team Spirit our team has grown tremendously. We are more flexible in claiming our roles that allow us to achieve higher levels of performance. The Letting Go phase actually enabled us to grow deeper in trust of one another and has greatly improved our communications skills. I am profoundly grateful for the experience of Team Spirit.”

-Dr. Peggy Egan, Vice President, Franciscan Health Care System

“Team Spirit creates clarity of purpose, synchronization of roles, and resolution of issues. The result is a team that can really serve its customers well.”

-Chuck Malue, Director, Organization Development, NCR

“Our staff will never be the same! The experience we shared as part of Team Spirit has strengthened our bond. We are enriched and vitalized. Team Spirit certainly lives up to its name.”

-Linda Mercuri, Executive Director, Womanline

“Teams that have experienced Team Spirit seem to develop a commonality or oneness among themselves that didn’t exist before. I have seen this demonstrated in their overt application of Team Spirit and the increased effectiveness that this brings to the team. Team Spirit has enabled our teams to address very basic and difficult issues, such as diversity, in a much more open and trusting manner.”

-Joseph W. Payne, District Manager, AT&T Corporation