How To Use TEAM SPIRIT In Your Organization

TEAM SPIRIT is a program in which individuals, teams, and the organization discover that which inspires and leads to high performance. It produces a remarkable shift in the “being” of individuals, teams, and the organization. Such a bold possibility requires bold commitment from the organization.

We recommend that you take the following steps to determine how TEAM SPIRIT can achieve this sort of possibility and result in your organization:

1. Pilot testing
2. Planning for the use of TEAM SPIRIT

The first of these two steps provides direct experience with TEAM SPIRIT:

1. Pilot testing
In order to determine if TEAM SPIRIT will support your organization’s needs, you or other representatives of your organization will benefit from having direct experience with TEAM SPIRIT. Here are several ways that you and/or your organization can gain that experience:

participate in a TEAM SPIRIT Certification
pilot test TEAM SPIRIT with a selected team or teams
pilot test TEAM SPIRIT with the executive level team

By selecting one or a combination of these alternatives, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of TEAM SPIRIT in fostering spirited individuals, teams, and organization. Out of this experience you can make an informed decision about the usefulness of TEAM SPIRIT for your organization.

The commitment to spirited, high performing team and organization is more than a commitment to participating in an event called TEAM SPIRIT -- rather, it is a commitment to actively use TEAM SPIRIT on an on-going basis to achieve organization results. TEAM SPIRIT “lives” in the day to day lives of individuals, teams, and the organization. A minimum of a one year commitment to understanding and using TEAM SPIRIT in the organization is recommended. [Typically, this would consist of a series of three two-day retreats, each separated by about four to six months, for all teams in the organization.]

Based upon such a commitment certain leadership and organization actions are necessary to create the environment that nurtures a systematic program for fostering spirited team and organization.

2. Planning for the use of TEAM SPIRIT
Given a successful experience with TEAM SPIRIT and a decision to commit to use TEAM SPIRIT, we recommend that a “Spirit In The Workplace Renewal Team” be created. Such a team should represent all critical constituencies of your organization, including representation from executive level management through all levels and functions of the organization.

The “Spirit In The Workplace Renewal Team” should be composed so that all critical constituencies of the organization have ownership for the work of the team. This team should not exceed a size of 12 and desirably should be five to ten persons, depending on the size of the organization -- i.e., larger organizations require a larger team, smaller organizations a smaller team. A representative of the Plexux Team Spirit will meet with the team in the evolution of the structure of fulfillment for delivering TEAM SPIRIT.

The purpose of the “Spirit In The Workplace Renewal Team” is to create a vision for spirited organization and a structure for fulfillment for delivering the vision using TEAM SPIRIT. Vision is intimately related to the intended organization culture. TEAM SPIRIT can be usefully understood as a vehicle for the delivery of the organization’s culture: the most resilient, enlivening, contributing conceptualization of the organization’s culture imaginable. If such a conceptualization is not in place, TEAM SPIRIT can also serve as a process for the formulation of the vision of the organization’s culture.

The “Spirit In The Workplace Renewal Team” needs to model the sort of spirited, high performance that it anticipates for the larger organization. Accordingly, this team should prepare itself by participating in TEAM SPIRIT. The team works to uncover its own spirit and to develop the vision and the process for fostering the spirit of the organization that it will set forth to colleagues in the organization. TEAM SPIRIT is delivered using some combinations of external facilitator/consultation coupled with internal facilitator/ consultant delivery of TEAM SPIRIT.

The “Spirit In The Workplace Renewal Team” oversees the delivery of TEAM SPIRIT and meets with the team of facilitator/consultants, both internal and external, to ensure the realization of the intended vision.

How to be certified to use TEAM SPIRIT